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You can use Lucky Dog Books to try to locate used books (both hardbacks and paperbacks), DVD's, CD's, cassette tapes, LP's, video tapes (VHS & Beta), and 8-Tracks whether in print or not. We will watch for them in the materials which are traded or sold to our stores and let you know if we find something which you have requested.

If we find something for you, we will email you with a description which includes the condition, the price, and the charges for postage and handling for "book rate" "snail mail". If you want the item, you can advise us if you are willing to pay extra for delivery via a different mode if you choose. You may pay with a personal check; money order; or with either Mastercard, Visa, Discovercard, or American Express.

There is no obligation to take an item, and most can be returned after your receipt of them if they are unacceptable and if done so promptly (back in the mail within 14 days of our mailing date). You only pay the round trip postage unless we have made a mistake in which case we will pay for even that.

Please feel free to email us ( john@luckydogbooks.com ) with your comments and suggestions, especially potential links to other book and music resources online which we can include on our Some Other Online Book Resources and Other Links We Like pages.

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