Welcome to Lucky Dog Books in Oak Cliff.
633 W. Davis St., Dallas, Texas 75208 214.941.2665

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Lucky Dog Books now has three bookstores including the original Paperbacks Plus in downtown
Mesquite, Texas USA.

Gift certificates and bookstore credit from trade-ins at either of the other locations will be honored here as well.

Please click here to find out why Lucky Dog.

Photo (right) by Rick Moore.
Building Art by Kevin Obregon.

We welcome your email and phone inquiries for requests for specific titles and authors.

New Directions: This address is about half way between Bishop and Tyler on West Davis,
with the free D-Link Shuttle by DART from downtown Dallas to the Bishop Arts District
running right by our front door.

If you are driving by freeway from any direction except The West, we recommend taking I30 Westbound from downtown Dallas to the Sylvan Avenue exit, just past the main post office. Turn left to The South and take Sylvan about a mile or so to Davis and turn left again. We will be on the right side of the street about a quarter mile ahead. Please note that Sylvan will change its name to Polk along the way.

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If you are driving in from The West, you will need to take the Hampton Road Southbound exit and stay on Hampton to Davis Street and turn left. We will be on the left about a mile and a half ahead, across the street from our good neighbors at Bolsa Mercado. Tyler will be the last traffic light before us.

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If you are traveling by surface streets from South or Southwest Oak Cliff, just take any major East-West street to either Vernon, Tyler, or Polk. (This street seems to have three different names depending where you are on it.) Just be careful about the one-way sections up in the Jefferson-to-Davis section and turn North. When you get to Davis Street, turn right and we will be on the left about a half mile ahead.

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You may contact the bookstore by email or call 214.941.2665.