Lucky Dog Books
10534 Garland Rd., Dallas, Texas 75218
Phone: 214.827.4860 facebook.jpg - 1575 Bytes

Bookstore Hours
Mon-Wed-Fri: 11a-5p
Tue-Thu: 1p-7p
Sat-Sun: 11a-5p

Note: If you haven't been by in the last year, our Old East Dallas location is now at 10534 Garland Rd., near Easton and the Firestone store on the corner.

Click this link to see a video of how to spot the bookstore as you drive out Garland Road from from Buckner toward Jupiter;

We're pretty well settled into the new location with everything from the old bookstore back in place and ready to be browsed. Click here for a map of the layout of this location and here for a slide show of some interior shots of various areas of this bookstore.

Although we did not want to move again, we had to, and, long story made short, we're now in the space that we really wanted to move into instead of Casa Linda Plaza.

  • has easier parking
  • is more visible from the street with a better sign
  • is easier to get in and out of the parking lot
  • and has about as much room as our old store did.

Click this link to see a brief video showing a way to avoid the traffic on
Garland Road when leaving the bookstore and not continuing toward Jupiter.

If there is anything that you need more info about, please drop us an email to


Lucky Dog Books has another used bookstore in N. Oak Cliff near the Bishop Arts area.

You are welcome to use your gift certificates and credit from trade-ins from here just the same at our other location.

We welcome your email and phone inquiries for requests for specific titles and authors.

Please check out our calendar of special events and ongoing meetings of community groups!

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To: Lucky Dog Books -- OAK CLIFF

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You may contact the bookstore by email or call 214.827.4860.

Page updated March 29, 2021.