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Neighborhood Bookstores Featuring
Good Recycled Books, Movies, Music & More

New Books Now Available Online Through
Lucky Dog Books & Bookshop.org

If you buy new books online, please consider shopping at our
new Bookshop.org storefront at Bookshop.org/shop/luckydogbooks

Discounts, Rebates and Recycling
Can Add Up To Lower Your Net Cost Of
Reading Many Newer Titles From There

Bookshop.org discounts most of their titles by 5-10%
and occasionally as much as 20%.

Plus we'll take off a rebate of another 15% of the amount
you spend there through our storefront when you buy
recycled items in our bricks 'n' mortar bookstores afterwards
if you'll just show us a copy of your receipt or
confirmation email when you checkout.

And if you recycle many of the titles from there with us quickly
enough, we can pay you another 15-20% of their original cost
in cash, or allow as much as 25% in store credit.

When visiting our Bookshop.Org page from the links above,
the books in our lists are just a sampling of the things
to be found there. For many more browsing
choices, use the search capability, or please notice
the horizontal menu toward the top of the page if you are
on a computer, or the menu icon on the left side of the cell phone display.

This page last updated May 3, 2022.

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