Mailing Books

We are happy to mail books anywhere in the world including to prisons that allow the receipt of books from bookstores.

At the current postal rates for media mail through the US Post Office, we charge $5.00 for the first pound and $.75 a pound thereafter for destinations within the United States.

If you need them shipped by some other means, we will get a quote from them and advise you of a price for us to use them.

International rates have become very high even to Canada and Mexico. So please be aware that we will have to price each mailing individually charging a bit more than the cost to us.

If you want the mailing insured, there will of course be an extra charge. If you do not ask for insurance, we will not be responsible for anything lost or damaged by the shipping service.

For mailings to prisons, please check first with the particular facility to be sure what their rules allow to be sent by bookstores if anything. And what can't be sent. Some will only accept paperbacks while other will only limit the content.

Almost all including the Texas Department of Corrections facilities will require that the items be purchased from us and not leave the bookstore before we mail them. We jealously guard our ability to send to prisons and will not mail anything to them that does not follow this rule unless we have proof that it does not apply to a particular facility.

If you purchase something from us to mail to a prisoner and it is returned to us for any reason, we will contact you and if you wish refund the purchase price of the item but we cannot refund the mailing charges.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.

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Last updated October 19, 2023