Pocket Manual of Chinese Medicine

by Richard Lee

cover of the original printing

Is Currently



If you would like to be notified when this edition is available again,
please drop us an email at info@luckydogbooks.com with "Pocket Manual" in the subject line.

These earlier words from the author still largely represent the current status of the newer edition:

"The second edition of the Pocket Manual of Chinese Medicine is still under production.
No release date is pending. Although much of the manuscript is completed, there
is no way of knowing for certain how long it will take to finish the last 10 percent
of the work. I ask your patience as I attempt to deliver the best book I can produce.

The new edition is a thorough reworking of the original edition. Its dimensions will be
approximately the same, but there has been a significant increase in the number of pages.
The design has also been modified and several additional sections have been created,
but the format of the first edition has been retained for the most part. Thank you for your
continued interest in this product."

Updated September, 2015

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